Fall 2020 will look different at Young Explorers.  But we assure you that we will make it as exciting and a happy place as possible for your children. A place where they can learn with all the safety guidelines in place, A place that parents trust since 2013.  

As you all know that we have been very flexible all through, we have come up with many different options for the coming school year starting from September 1st, 2020.

Please look at all the options below and pick what works best for you.

Pre school Distance Learning

The Young Explorers Team is very excited to bring our high quality academic program to the families who want to continue learning while they stay at home during Covid-19.

Our distance learning will include very interactive zoom sessions with our highly experienced teachers who are very well trained in online teaching. The sessions will be 2.5 hours long with a break in between. Our sessions will include the following:

1. Circle time – It will cover calendar time, weather, phonics,
2. Academic session – This will include our workbooks, which need to be picked from our centers located in Fremont and Sacramento. Our lesson plans include numbers, addition, subtraction, alphabets, patterns, shapes, spelling, writing sentences, critical thinking, clock, and more.
3. Music and Movement
4. Art and Craft
5. Botany, Zoology and Geography.

Sessions for Toddlers, Early preschoolers and Advanced preschoolers will be split between
morning and afternoon.
10am to 11.15am And 4pm to 5.15pm.

Sessions for Pre kindergarten kids will be in the mornings.
10am to 12.45pm (with a 15 min break in between)

Preschool Hybrid Option

We are flexible to give a hybrid option too to the families who want help for a few days in person and rest of the days want to continue with online studies.Fees will be prorated accordingly.
Please call us at 408-306-3795 to know more details.

In person preschool and child care.

We remain open for in - person preschool and child care from 8am to 6pm.

We have Full day, Extended day and Half day programs.

We have low student to teacher ratio

We will check temperature every morning at the time of sign in

Highly experienced, kind hearted, loving and caring teachers.

Beautiful playground for the kids to play and explore

Teachers follow all the safety and health guidelines provided by CDC, County and City.

Nutritious healthy snacks provided

All cultural celebrations

Before and After school care

In person after school – Limited capacity

As you all know that school districts announced fully online teaching for the fall session beginning from end of August, Young Explorers team is available from 8am to 6pm to help the children navigate the online time with the teachers as well as  help them  in the classwork as well as homework.

Teachers will be available to monitor and help the children while they are studying online with their school teachers.  After that our teachers will help them with the extra studies and prepare them for their tests.  Also we will give them small beaks in between which will help them with their social and emotional growth.

Children will be sitting in very small groups as well as the 6 ft distance will be maintained.  We are also working on making more space in our backyard so that they can stay outside for more time.

Online study with our teachers in small groups.

For those families who are not comfortable in sending their children to after school in person settings, Our teachers will be available for helping out the children in small groups with their homework, and classwork as well as preparing them for their tests in  Math, English and Science.  These timings will have to be discussed separately.

Now Enrolling Toddlers & PreSchoolers