At the time of registration, the 1st and last Month fees plus a non-refundable registration fee of $125 is due.

A one-month written notice is required for any vacations and withdrawals and the last month’s fees will be adjusted against the withdrawal notice. Only the Calendar month starting from 1st to the last date of the month will be taken as a notice period. We must receive the written notice by 30th of the previous month. Deposit will not be refunded at all. It is only adjustable.

Full Fee will be taken if the child starts between 1st to 15th of the month, and 50% of the fee will be taken if the child joins between 16th to 30th of the month.

The fee is inclusive of all early dismissal days. There are few holidays when schools are closed but we remain open. The flat fee of $25 will be charged if you plan to send your child in the morning.
Holidays are not included in the fees. Example – Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring Break and other full day single holidays. We will be organizing camps during these days [8am – 6pm] so that there is no inconvenience caused. Full month fee is due and will be collected even if your child is not attending any camps.

Fees are due on the last day of the previous month and there will be a late charge of $25 after the 5th of the month.

50% of the fee is due if you are taking a break or going on a vacation during the school year from September to June Also there will be no deposit adjustments towards the summer camps.

There will be a $50 Referral Bonus if the referring child joins. This will be payable after one month of the joining of the new child.

We are open till extended hours of 6:00pm. There will be a late charge of $5 per 10 min late payable at that time.

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