Our all inclusive program is based on the STEM concept and the California Common Core Curriculum.We offer the following:

Homework Help

Homework is a top priority at Young Explorers. We ensure each student completes his/her homework which is then thoroughly checked.

Hands on Science Projects

In this interactive club students are engaged in hands-on science and technology experiences that promote critical thinking, creativity, imagination, prediction, problem solving, and higher level thinking skills.

Theater and Arts

This innovatively designed club will allow students to master fine arts objectives in unique and personally relevant ways while having loads of fun

Math Club

A wide variety of manipulative, interactive math games and hands-on activities specifically designed to correlate with national common core standards.

LEGO Robotics

Robotics and other interactive materials is used for exploration of Science and Math

Language Arts (Reading Comprehension and Creative Writing)

Mastery of grade level objectives and personal character building will be the focus through meaningful and personally relevant activities. Newsletters, magazines, poetry, story writing, plays and narratives will serve as the foundation for a wealth of engaging literacy and communication experiences.

1st - 6th Graders

Young Explorers Preschool program is specially designed to enable your child to develop their potential and let their minds grow with our academic and creative curriculum.

Our program is designed to ensure more individual attention. Our staff is professionally trained in early childhood education as well as First Aid and CPR Certified.

Our Mission

Our curriculum and fun and meaningful projects are designed to instill love, care, respect for others, self-esteem and a sense of community among all the kids.


As the name says it all, children are Explorers. Through a very structured curriculum, theme based playful activities, and hands on learning, your children will develop various skills and are knowledgeable in areas like early literacy, mathematics, science and language skills. They gain confidence and become problem solvers along with developing a love for life long learning.

Our wonderful learning environment teach them how to interact with others and help them with their daily needs and our harmonious balanced curriculum, as well as variety of stimulating and fun educational activities ensure a well-balanced education for your child.

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