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Best activities for fun in preschool

Learning opportunities at the preschool level can only be fruitful if they can bring a smile to your child’s face. While many of the preschool activities are learning activities, not all of them have to be so. Instead, they might require more concentration and be of a more intricate nature. Most of the activities in preschool require adult supervision, which means a teacher should always be there. Only the activities that appear safe for the children should be undertaken.

Activities for preschool are meant for tiny tots from 3 to 5 years of age. At no stage, especially during activities that involve small pieces, should children below the age of 3 be allowed to participate. Some of the fun activities are as follows:

1) Monster addition and subtraction mats- Children are given the opportunity to roll dice, add the sum and write. The addition mats have images of monsters drawn on them. In the case of subtraction mats, dice in the first box need to be larger than those in the second box.

2) Design challenges- A variety of games to create designs can be played. For example, the child can be asked to make a boat which can successfully float 25 pennies. Similarly, the child can be challenged to use three simple materials and create a launcher for a toy or an action figure. The purpose of such challenges is to enable the child to develop skills such as resilience, persistence and empathy.

3) Ball-toss games- Without the child realizing, this preschool activity will polish his or her counting skills. These are excellent for indoor and outdoor usage, and are lightweight enough to be found in every household. Setting it up is a very simple task.

4) ABC mat learning games- Amongst activities for preschoolers at home there is no way that makes it more enjoyable to learn the ABC of vocabulary than an ABC mat learning game. This game helps in matching upper case and lower case letters of the English alphabet.

5) Reading about themes- Preschoolers like to read and learn about themes related to their own experiences. As they learn how to deal with zippers, buttons, laces and other items, it is natural for them to be interested in clothing. Books dealing with clothing will be able to garner their interest.

6) Decorating tote bags- Reusable bags are being found in almost every grocery store these days. As an alternative to plastic and paper, these are invaluable to the environment. What better way than to allow your preschooler to decorate this bag with an assortment of supplies? Let the child pick supplies such as paint pens, fabric markers, animal-themed rubber stamps and stickers to decorate the bag.

Having a preschooler at home can be both a tiresome and a rewarding experience. Numerous activities for preschool can be supplemented by practical demonstrations at home. As a parent, it is your duty to channelize the kid’s infectious energy levels into useful activities, both inside and outside home.

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