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Why preschool children behave the way they do?

Ever wondered what to expect from children during the years of preschool education? They are likely to exhibit varied tantrums, anxiety and bouts of lying, as well as more personality traits. During this phase, your tiny tot deserves encouragement and support from in order to deal with the peculiarities, as this will help him or her grow and explore with confidence. Through a variety of questions, you will be able to understand the behavior of your preschooler to a greater degree:

What age do kids start preschool?
Most children are aged between 3 to 5 years old when they start going to preschool.

What should a preschooler be able to do at this age?
Preschool children learn several skills and are unconsciously testing their cognitive abilities at this age. Though individual skills may vary in degree from one child to another, overall development would occur at roughly the same pace. For example, a child of 3 should possess the motor skills to be able to dress himself or herself, and also be able to ride a tricycle. Kids at this age would be more inquisitive about
their environment in comparison to when they were 2. At 4, preschool children USA should be capable of cutting figures from one sheet and pasting them on another. They should have the ability to name four or five colours, and also be able to joke with you. When at 5 years, a preschool child should have the skills to count and be able to articulate well enough for people to understand. Sometimes parents feel it would be nice if they could communicate better with their preschoolers.

How should this be made to happen?
Remember that your preschooler will have a limited vocabulary and may not be able to process everything that you say. It would be beneficial if you do not use too many words. Children should not be expected to understand another person’s view point since they are usually very egocentric at this age. Instead of abstract ideas, make use of concrete and logical examples, such as those with cause and effect.

Why is my 4-year old preschooler angry all the time? How should I pacify her?
Active listening is one of the most important aspects of parenting, especially at this age. Try to listen to the child, and then repeat her feelings. This will allow her to feel that you understand her, and also express her feelings appropriately instead of hitting or yelling.

How should one eliminate the child’s habit of lying?
Lying is often part of the child’s natural way of growing up, and it starts at about 3 years. From 4-6, children tend to lie a little more, and it is here that the values of honesty should be taught. Sometimes, a little bit of scolding on telling a lie is very helpful. Most often than not, the child will realize his or her mistake while being cross questioned.

As a parent, be willing to accept that no amount of learning can completely prepare you for the challenges a preschooler continues to throw. Remember to instill the strongest fundamentals here using the ‘carrot’ and not the ‘stick’ approach.

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