Our Environment

Our environment for our children will be safe and clean, various learning toys, equipment, child initiated and teacher initiated toys, space, and a beautiful aesthetically arranged layout.

We understand the importance of having your child feel as safe and comfortable as possible; they spend a lot of time with us. At Young Explorers we want to ensure a fun, loving, and enjoyable place where they can thrive.

Our Early Childhood Educators

At Young Explorers our early childhood educators are an essential part of our success! Our teachers are professionals who have been hand selected to provide quality care and education for the children and families that we serve. We look for professionals who embrace the same guiding principles to make a difference in the lives of children and families; who love working with children and families. The professionals we select will be apart of providing a warm, supportive, and loving environment. We look and strive for continuity in our program as this leads to the early stages of trust within relationships for early learners

Infant/Toddler Program

Young Explorers Infant Program is comprised of essential elements to promote quality care and education for your little one. We understand the importance of providing your infant and toddler with a safe, clean, loving,warm, caring, and nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate practices (DAP). Our Infant and Toddler Program is developed around the key components that fosters your young child’s growth, development, and learning.

Our Infant and Toddler Program embraces the 6 domains of early childhood development.

Our 6 Domains are:

  • Cognitive Domain
  • Motor/Physical Domain
  • Social/Emotional Domain
  • Communication/Language Domain
  • Self help/Adaptive Domain


Within the context of curriculum- We will implement the HighScope curriculum which will be our guiding principles in which we deliver high quality services. The HighScope curriculum core principles are: a welcoming environment; schedules and routines with the flow of the child; warm; supportive interactions with adult-child interactions; observations of children; teamwork among teachers; assessment of children; and appropriate practices to ensure learning, development, and delivery of quality care and services. Each child has an infant needs and service plan that is apart of the child’s curriculum while in our care.

A Partnership

At Young Explorers we invite all of our parents in cultivating and establishing partnerships for the success of the children we provide services for. Building trust and rapport with our families is above all imperative to facilitate healthy open communication. We embrace partnership which becomes a two-way shared goal; for the success of each child’s needs. Which is beneficial for the success of each child’s growth, learning, and development.

Now Enrolling Toddlers & PreSchoolers